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May be arranged by email.
Inquire about meditation classes on the second Friday of every month.


Classes for staff at medical, dental, legal offices by appointment.

Balance body and mind

◊ Reduce stress
◊ Elevate your mood
◊ Improve your balance

Increase strength & flexibility

◊ Strengthen your core
◊ Increase your lung capacity
◊ Stimulate your immune system

Promote health and well being

Yoga unites mind, body and spirit in ways that ease tension and reduce inflammation.

Nurture your self

Regular practice helps deepen poses, correct posture and improve your breathing and outlook on life.

Kathleen Holmay

After being a yoga student for 20 years, in 2004 I completed the nationally-recognized Integrative Yoga Therapy teacher training. I’m an insured instructor registered with the Yoga Alliance and have an M.A. in communications from the University of Minnesota. I am also a communications consultant and workshop facilitator specializing in women’s topics, journaling and dream work. I’m an avid hiker and biker and in 1996 climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. In the summer of 2012 I walked 100km of the lovely Camino de Santiago in Spain. I’ve had asthma and allergies since childhood and use yoga to manage both.

No matter your age or physical condition give yourself the gift of yoga


10 classes of 75 minutes $100
Sign up by email.
Send check to: Kathleen Holmay
9607 Kingston Road
Kensington, MD 20895



Classes are accessed via VIMEO. 

Links are provided when registration is completed.